EpiCentre (ION Orchard)

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2 Orchard Turn #B3-14 ION Orchard S238801

Tel: 65095028

Fax: 65098189

Products and Services
  • We offer
    • iMovie Training
    • iPad Training
    • iPhoto Training
    • iTunes Training
    • iWork Training
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by clevergirl • 30 Mar 2010
  • 1254 reviews
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so when I'm being served with attitude like simply don't care all i can think about is, i know that most of your customer is male, but does he want to keep it that way?! I know that Apple...

by izoramulaika • 27 Aug 2009
  • 9 reviews
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Apple products are the same anywhere in the world. So yes, the merchandise get the thumbs up from me. The range of covers and slips to peripherals such as the Bamboo Fun graphic pen & pad, laptops...